“Surrounded” 6×6, oil on canvas Bid Here SOLD

I set out today to paint a rose. Had beautiful ones in my studio that a very handsome man gave to me. I set them out in front of me, got to work.IMG_3323

But I discovered something very important– I don’t like painting roses. At least not today. In her new book, Carol Marine talks about the freedom of painting every day– if something isn’t working, scrap it for something else. Try new things.

There is less financial and emotional investment in the small canvas, easily wiped– a clean slate whenever I need it.

So my rose became this. And this image is one that continues to speak to me. I’m not sure that I have the energy to say exactly why. So I”ll say this– when outside forces become just a bit too much, when even roses are frustrating, this is the image that comforts me.  This is the image I paint.

There is nothing more sure to bring on resistance than committing to getting back into the practice of doing one small painting a day.  In my last post I did just this. Naturally, my “day job” became, overnight, far more demanding and I found myself at my job job and not my real job during nap time. But there is nothing better than starting again.  One painting at a time.




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