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“Follow Me” 5×7, oil on canvas, $105.00 Buy Now


It’s been a while. I have been working on three challenging commissions (something I claim I don’t take anymore). It’s felt like forever since I did a “daily painting”– a small, quick study that goes from nothing to finished right before me eyes. There is something incredibly gratifying about that.

Last month I painted at the most beautiful wedding reception I have ever seen. It was at the bride’s parents’ home in Covington: oak trees, ponds, decadent food, beautiful lights, and a kick-ass band. Also birds. Peacocks were strutting around the yard as though honored wedding guests and roosters (surprisingly a little less cocky) paraded themselves near the beautiful landscaping. I was able to snap quite a few photos before the reception began but it wasn’t until today that I used one for a painting.

I bought this canvas already gessoed black. I’ve been enjoying some other artists’ paintings lately that have dark backgrounds, almost as though the image emerges from the shadows. Like the artist is just shining light on what is already there, hidden. This is my first attempt at what I think will be something I spend quite a bit of time on.

And, dare I say it, I feel a painting-a-day challenge looming on the horizon. Today reminded me just how much I need it.