“I Want to Hold Your Hand” 10×10, oil on canvas Buy Now

This is the last painting based on a photograph someone sent in to me. The last one of this challenge, that is. I still have so many great images that I am very much looking forward to painting. You didn’t think I’d stop painting after tomorrow, did you?

I loved this one because of the rich colors, the simple postures, the beautiful and yet not-over-the-top sentiment. It started off as a brush painting and I intended for it to stay that way. But it didn’t.

I’ve gotten better and “listening” to the canvas and letting it guide me to the right tools. Or maybe the paint thinner is just getting to me after 100 days, and I’m starting to hear things.

Whatever the case, I’m still taking on photos– unposed, natural lighting. If you’ve got something you think would work as a painting, please don’t hesitate to send it my way. Most people have sent several and there is usually one in there that speaks to me (again, maybe I’m hearing things?).

And don’t forget that I do live paintings at weddings which has probably been the most exciting discovery of this 100 day challenge. If you’d like me to paint your special event, you can get more information here.