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If you looked at my pinterest account, you’d notice I’m a hoarder of recipes that involve herb garnishes, I’ve got a thing for fresh flowers, and I love paintings of people. I admire artists who can reduce a complex form into its most basic shapes and colors– one stroke can represent an entire arm. I’ve been pinning the likes of artists Jennifer Pochinsky, Lisa Noonis, and Linda Christensen on the regular. But I haven’t, until today’s painting, given it a go.

When I decided to do this month of daily paintings, I intended to use it as an opportunity to explore and expand. But new is scary so days 1 and 2 were not only birds but probably the two types I paint most often, painted the way I most often paint.

Day 3 was about doing what I’ve long been thinking about doing– figures with a focus on simple shapes and color. What interests me visually about musicians is the way their instruments become an extension of their bodies– the music, therefore, not just an expression of notes, but the person’s movements. I have painted musicians before, but not like this.

I’m lucky that I just so happened to have the perfect model for today’s painting. Love is funny. I’m not sure it is ever exactly as we imagined it would be, but every so often I think it is far better than we had hoped for.


Do you have a pin-worthy photo of a musician? I’m looking for some more models, so please feel free to leave me an image in the comments.

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