“Shouts for Joy to Nobody” 6×6, oil on canvas, $105.00 Buy Now

The great thing about Emily Dickinson is that no matter how many of her poems you read, there’s always one you haven’t read yet. Or, at the very least, forgot about.

I recently discovered this little gem. Feeling a bit weather-worn myself, this painting was all about getting back into my habit, my ritual, my daily painting. I put my commissions aside. This one was just for me– a little shout of joy to nobody in particular. God, I really love birds.

What do you do just for yourself? What keeps you sane? Happy?

The Bluebird

by Emily Dickinson

Before you thought of spring,
Except as a surmise,
You see, God bless his suddenness,
A fellow in the skies
Of independent hues,
A little weather-worn,
Inspiriting habiliments
Of indigo and brown.

With specimens of song,
As if for you to choose,
Discretion in the interval,
With gay delays he goes
To some superior tree
Without a single leaf,
And shouts for joy to nobody
But his seraphic self!