hummingbird painting by Denise Hopkins

“Slow Down” 6×12, oil on canvas, $125.00 Buy Now

A hummingbird wings will beat about 70 times per second. Imagine that kind of productivity.


Step one. Sketch major shapes onto a canvas with a light wash already applied.

I started this painting yesterday. After doing so many paintings a day, it’s hard to slow down. To not put up a finished product at the end of the day. But I’m forcing myself to slow down, to “sleep on it”. Sometimes this backfires. I wind up overpainting or overworking what was once an interesting and vibrant painting. But usually it’s just another stroke or two with fresh eyes that takes it from could-be-done to yeah-it’s-done.

I’m not naturally patient. I like to do a task and have it be done. I don’t like to prolong it. But sometimes, I suppose its good to stop fluttering about and just perch. Even if just for a few hours.

My reference photo for this one came from the very talented photographer Elijah Gildea. Check him out on instagram: