Blue Heron.  Do you see what I see?

“Do You See What I See?” 8×8, oil on gessoboard, $100 Buy Now SOLD

I work a lot at night at my other job.  But work’s been slow the last few days, and, once Ezra was in bed, I had the night to myself.  After some wine and dark chocolate,  I started three paintings.  This was the last in the bunch, and, give it a couple days and I might change my mind, but, I think I’ve found my favorite. 

It’s funny how you can struggle through two paintings, abandon them, only to have the third emerge peacefully, calmly.  None of the fight present only moments before.  This is a lesson on the virtues of either persistence or wine.  You decide.

Day thirty two.  A painting a day for the rest of my life?  Probably not, but who knows?




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