“Makin’ Groceries” 6×6, oil on canvas Bid Here

I’ve really enjoyed my paintings the last few days. With Carol Marine’s book still in my head (and sitting on my bedside) I’m eager to try new things, knowing I can always go back to a classic. I’m also making a great deal of headway on my portraits (get it? headway?). And by not rushing the portraits (let’s face it, daily paintings, are pretty much against the clock) I’m finding an interesting balance of determination and procrastination, I mean deliberation.

And today, I knew it had to be a pear. Had them on the brain, picked some up at the grocery store. Perhaps it was just word association– thinking a lot lately about “pairs”– that is people and the specific relationships we form with one another within a larger system. The way we “pair” up and the way it creates both harmony and meanness.

So of course I painted only one instead of the two I bought. So it’s probably not about “pairs” at all– but a good thought nonetheless, no?

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