Three careful ice cubes

I’ve watered it with patience

Faith in what’s not seen 


Every January, the 31 in 31 leaves me with a few surprises. I didn’t set out to write about houseplants at all, much less multiple times. But I’ve got some great news to report, and I’ve noticed I get a little mid-life-crisisy around the middle of these challenges. Anyone else? I figure a little optimism is in order. 

I’ve overanalyzed over watering some of my plants. But all the while, for a year + now, I’ve been giving my two orchid plants with long-gone blooms three ice cubes every Monday. Most Mondays. Like I said, I’m not the best plant mom. I hate to admit it, but prior to this, I’d just throw out the orchids once they lost their blooms. These, I was determined to watch for at least another round. I had heard, though not witnessed, that they do in fact come back. I’m sitting at my kitchen table at the moment looking at several rows of buds, all lined up on the branch like school children ready to walk to their next activity (so not perfectly straight, a little chaotic, delightful!). 

I stayed the course. I watered them for over a year even when there were zero signs of them ever blooming again. I feel so gratified at the moment that I thought it only appropriate to paint a floral this morning. It’s 14×14 inches and fits right in with a floral series I started in December– there are still three left (shameless plug).


In my mind, the little orchid buds are going to bloom right as this month comes to an end– nature giving me a round of applause for having stayed the course with painting, too. I’ll probably have a lot to say about it. 

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