Making art is like

Three ice cubes every Monday

And watching it bloom 


The orchids I mentioned on day 15? Two of the buds have bloomed and the other dozen or so are on their way. I am over the moon that I didn’t give up on this little plant. Three ice cubes on Mondays. A small task with a great reward. 

I’m looking at the orchids now on my windowsill. I took a photo of today’s not yet fully bloomed rose outside in my front yard. Yesterday, I hired a cleaning crew to help get my house ready to sell, and now everything just smells so good. 

It’s the end of an era for me. A new home, a new and improved studio space, new additions to my family. New challenges and great new joys.

I always feel the need to end my 31 in 31 with some grand painting that somehow summarizes and celebrates the entire month’s work. And then I always remember what 31 in 31 is– it’s three ice cubes on Mondays no matter what. It’s small, committed efforts that form or reinforce a habit. And it’s okay to end with a tiny painting. It’s okay to let it take its little place in something bigger than it.

For my 31 friends– those who have taken on this challenge with me– your poetry, stories, art, music, lettering, gratitude practices, encouragement and love have made this my very favorite January so far. Your work is beautiful. Your efforts equally so. Until next year!

Just kidding. The 31 group page is always open and I know we will continue to connect on it until the 31 in 31 begins again. 


***All this month’s painting will be available tomorrow, February 1, at 10am on my site. I’m sending out a $50.00 gift card tonight at 9pm to one randomly selected subscriber on my mailing list. If you’d like a chance at the gift card, you can subscribe here.